Dexxu Games

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Welcome to Dexxu Games!

Dexxu Games is a small time game development company, on our way to the top! We will almost always have a project on the go, so click the projects tab above to see what we have going on, and what we have finished! We are a small team of 4, 2 artists and 2 programmers, working hard to deliver the highest quality content to our consumers! In the projects page you will find free demos of the games, as well as a way to purchase the games. Purchasing the games is vital for us to stay afloat, as webhosting costs money, videogame engines cost money, and employees cost money! So if you enjoyed our games, and feel as though we deserve a little more, please donate using the button below, it helps us out tremendously!

I hope everyone likes what they see on our website, and have a good day!